Vehicle Verification

Government of Punjab offers simple online vehicle verification for all cars/ motorbikes with computerized registration plates. Through this system, you are able to verify the details of the vehicle before purchasing. If you have recently purchased a vehicle or you are planning to buy one, first, verify it online. For vehicle verification follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the MTMIS
  • Enter the registration number of the desired vehicle and you will get all the information e.g. make, model, color, type, chassis number and name of the owner.
  • Contact Incharge AVLS (03017092609) for the verification of Tempered/Forged vehicle at P,S Factory Area.
Remember! Do not to get tricked into buying a stolen, tampered or non-custom paid vehicle otherwise you might end up in the jail.

In Sargodha district Vehicle verification/stolen record check is provided at Police Khidmat Markaz sitiuated in the building of P.S Cant.