Vehicle Theft

Sargodha Police has a newly born outfit- AVLS which has been created with the help of experts. This outfit is working eficiantly with the Police Stations to detect and impound the stolen / tampered vhicles plying in Sargodha. In a recent operation this outfit has detected and recovered many stolen vehicles from Sargodha. Now trained offficers (03017092609) incharge AVLS are available at P.S Factory Area. Citizens can check their vehicles whether they are stolen / tampered or genuine. This service is designed to help the citizens of Sargodha only.
Stolen record of vehicle can be varified  from Khidmat Markaz established inside the building of P.S Cant Sargodha.
one can also check his vehicle information online from Punjab Excise online website, MTMIS.
Note:  All the confirmed stolen vehicle data recieved at 15 is regularly being updated on AVLS online website in CDC/Rescue 15 office.