Rescue 15

Standard Operating Procedure

SOP for integrated GPS Satellite based digital control & 15 are as under:

Digital 15 Wireless Control ,GPS Tracker System and Media Cell has been coordinated and combined under one shed for effective police monitoring.
  • The police teams have been constituted to perform duties at GPS Tracker System, Media Cell & Central Digital Control (CDC) in 3 shifts (Team-A, Team-B, Team-C) round the clock.  Each shift of CDC is supervised by Incharge Rescue 15 / CDC. A Wireless Control System has also been established in the same room to coordinate with GPS & 15. A reserve shift for each section has been posted to accommodate leave of officials so that the working of CDC /15 go on without any interruption.
  •  The entire system is directly under the supervision of worthy District Police officer Sargodha.
  • An Upper Subordinate (Incharge Digital Control GPS & 15) alongwith male & female  staff has been posted to promote gender equality in accordance with the instructions of IGP Punjab who not only coordinate with GPS and Digital 15 official working but also entertain complaints lodged by women / ladies related to family violence, protection of children and harassment of women etc.
  • The said staff is also monitoring the Media Cell as well.

Pukar Rescue 15

  • A represntative/official is deputed from Punjab Safe City HQ, Lahore for training/supervising of newly installed digital Pukar 15 system.
  • Professional staff (male/female) are deputed in the 15 section and performing duties in 3 shifts round the clock.
  •  All calls of 15 are automatically received at safe city headquarter Lahore
  • Same call is dilvered to this office via online computer system .
  • The operator digitally record the data of a caller
  • Caller name / Time & date
  • Address 
  • Total details
  • Concerned PS 
  • Nature of crime 
  • Dispatched Police Mobile
  • Team leader listens the conversation between caller and receiver through his Admin desk.  He can access the Assistants computer too.  The Team leader can intercept the assistants while on line with the caller and can give suggestions and instructions. The caller is unable to hear instructions
  • Information of any heinous or cognizable offence is immediately passed on to DPO Sargodha through official cell phone by Incharge 15
  • Team leader 15 also passes the information to wireless control & GPS Incharge, and then wireless control dispatches police mobile towards crime scene / point of incident etc
  • GPS Incharge tells wireless control about the position of the nearest patrolling vehicle for dispatching to the point of occurrence for prompt response
  • Police mobile reaches at the crime scene within 5 to 10 minutes in urban areas and 10 to 25 minutes in rural areas
  • Team leader 15 after receiving information from wireless control that police mobile has been arrived at the ascertained point, calls the aggrieved or victim through official landline number to verify whether police mobile has been reached at the said place or not.  If yes then whether they want to initiate/proceed legal proceedings against the offender etc. or not. If yes then the caller is advised to contact the relevant PS for legal action
  • SMS is also sent to the caller / aggrieved through official cell phone on behalf of DPO Sargodha whether he or she is satisfied with police behavior / legal action / time of arrival at point of incident etc or not
  • Complete detail of adopted procedure is maintained manually in call record register including FIR No., recovery of stolen.
  • If compromise is reached between the parties, it is written in the prescribed Performa that the offence has been compounded
  • Detail of all heinous crimes/incidents is submitted through Incharge 15 to DPO Sargodha for necessary action
  • The detail of record at Digital 15 is provided to callers/victims etc., after sanctioned by DPO Sargodha
  • At the end of every shift a detail report is written in daily diary that if any officer deputed at Mobile did not respond to wireless control / rescue 15 emergency call, a report about the officials, officer’s lethargic attitude or inefficiency / negligence is put forth before worthy DPO Sargodha after verifying from personnel, as to why he couldn’t respond or reach at the said point

GPS Control

  • The precise movement of all operational fleet of 52+ vehicles of Sargodha district is monitored live through GPS control. It is divided into 3 zones, rural areas into 2 zones and urban areas into 1 zone, for effective monitoring
  • Any mobile that remains static for more than 30 minutes at any point, is intimated to change its position and conduct proper patrolling as per SOP
  • A patrolling mobile is not allowed to stay at any Police Station and if in emergency, patrolling Incharge has to attend any legal proceedings then the respective Station Clerk (Muharrer) deputes another officer for patrolling duty
  • If any mobile goes out of order then the patrolling officer promptly informs GPS control.  In such situation the patrolling team establishes a picket for random checking of vehicles and reports back to GPS control about their performance
  • If any mobile is dispatched for secret mission then the concerned Station House Officer informs GPS control before their departure
  • At the completion of every shift, GPS team leader reports in daily diary about the performance of patrolling mobiles, his assistants and wireless staff
  • Any mobile officer who conducts improper patrolling is called for an Orderly Room the very next day for explanation
  • Any piece of information that is received on 15 or wireless control official landline number, GPS team leader adds a prominent mark for dacoity and robbery on the Google map that help us to know the actual crime figure
  • Special beats are highlighted on the Google map in the crime prone areas and certain mobiles are assigned to conduct patrolling in these beats to check crime
  • At the end of every month a fuel consumption report is prepared in accordance with the monthly mileage of every mobile at GPS System
  • Geo fencing on the map coupled with beep alert is carried out through beep alert in case of any violation
  • Wireless control not only promptly responds to caller at its landline number but also maintains its record in their log book as well as informs both the team leaders of 15 & GPS about the mobility of respective police vehicle towards the point of incident.
  • One technician/constable is deputed to check the proper working of all the trackers installed in all mobiles.  He is responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the main server of GPS and 15

Central Digital Wireless Control (CDC)

  • 10 tele/wirelss staff 1 HC and 9 Constable operators (male/female) are deputed in the section. performing duties in 3 shifts accordingly for the smooth and frequent communication with this office and higher officials,